Business phone system capabilities

Unlock Mobile Possibilities With the T-ONE Business Messenger

Unleash the Mobility

Rich communications functionalities will open a lot of additional opportunities for your business

Mobile Collaboration

Unlimited voice calling, easy voice conferencing up to 5 participants, instant messages, chat groups and file sharing is an incredible tool for your agents. Stay in touch and collaborate with your team wherever you are around the world

CRM Integrations

T-One Business Messenger fully integrated with well-known CRM systems like Sugar CRM, Zoho CRM, Follow Up Boss, JobDiva and with its own T-ONE CRM. This capability unties your agents from the desk phones and gives them more flexibility.

Interactive Voice Menu

An automated call answering and processing system that guides callers through voice menu options. IVR may play a greeting and ask the caller to dial an extension number to route the call to the appropriate department or recipient.

Call Queue

Callers are placed in an on-hold system that answers calls according to callers' priority, from highest (usually callers who have been waiting the longest) to lowest. Call Queues are extremely useful for a large number of simultaneous incoming calls.

Call Recording

Ability to record inbound and outbound conversations occurring on the specified phone, most commonly for training purposes and/or quality assurance. The feature can be set to always record, never record, or record on-demand.

Business Hours

This feature route calls based on the time of day, day of the week providing different responses to after-hours calls, weekend calls and holiday calls. Various messages may be played to a caller according to company work hours and call flow.

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